monetise your innovative ideas
welcome to payment heaven
fast and flexible offering
simply pay!

quick ‘n’ easy payments for operational efficiency in one click.

simple: from wallet to wallet

paid and settled in a split second

for fast, automated, on-the-fly operations

simply connect!

secure, digital settlements through your customer portal.

no administrative hassle

paid and settled automatically

accurate, no reconciliation issues

simply integrate!

payments, settlements and bookkeeping in your own back-office.

digital and automated processing

seamless integration with your ERP

secure and accurate invoicing

the joys of digital and automated

Forget your manual invoicing days. Stop chasing customers your back-office doesn’t know.

  1. Customers are known
  2. Payments are secured
  3. Invoices are automated

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Grow your revenue and optimise your cash flows
new business models

Activate cinvio without having to modify your financial systems

new revenue streams

Enable new services, even those with low monetary value

no revenue leakage

Avoid discussions and stop waiving charges that lead to revenue loss

enabled guarantees

Allocate funds temporarily for certain services

grow your business with cinvio

Whether you have a bucket list with ideas waiting to be monetised, or you are still looking for some inspiration for your next business development challenge, you are at the right place.

We help you and your team spot the business opportunities you hadn’t yet thought about. We then connect them to cinvio so you can immediately enjoy the financial flow your own corporate programs can’t embed.

  1. Expand your business
  2. Make way for digital revenue streams
  3. Speed up existing flows
  4. Know your customers… know them all

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