nxtport onboarding cinvio

Data-sharing platform NxtPort onboards cinvio

Acting in the Port of Antwerp, NxtPort enables safe and accurate data sharing so that players in logistics can work in a better, smarter and more efficient way.


Why cinvio?



Well, data can be purchased in larger sets, but also in smaller amounts. It’s the smaller amounts that are more complex to invoice and settle, and that’s exactly where we hit the nail on the head with our unique pre-payment concept:


Users on cinvio have a digital wallet that they can use with any service provider offering services via cinvio. So, for instance, if a user wants to redeem the information in the CUSCAR message of an import container, with a digital handshake with the ocean line he can receive the information settling the payment digitally, up front, without post-order hassle. cinvio takes care of the invoicing on the NxtPort’s behalf.



Service providers on cinvio have a care-free, trustworthy invoice settlement partner. No invoice processing, no chasing and no manual booking into ERP systems. cinvio has the APIs to sort it all out for them.



Flexible, easy, digital and automated. Invoicing complexities are a thing of the past. With cinvio, NxtPort can offer customers the ease and flexibility of a single, digital wallet for any of the services they wish to offer.

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