Why can’t the B2B purchase experience be just like the Amazons or Zalandos? cinvio makes payments for B2B e-commerce in logistics safe, digital, accurate and guaranteed.

upfront, guaranteed

Services needingĀ a deposit or guarantee upfront, or services for which you want to allocate an amount for more security.

Charge for recurrent services (transactions or subscriptions) on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

cinvio settles all.

instant and efficient

Documents or destination charges that need to be paid for on-site to be able to move on.

Think "on the go" and cinvio can settle it in a smooth, safe and transparent way, no matter how low its value.

flexible & watertight

Not all amounts are known upfront, so invoicing occurs once the service has been carried out.

Some customers have credit terms (fixed or flexible) for which payments may take place afterwards.

cinvio digitises the process leaving no room for leakage.

grow, improve, control

With one payment platform for all your online commercial activities, grow your business with new revenue streams, optimise existing payment and invoicing flows, and stay in control of your terms, pricing and earnings.  

  • 100% digital: accurate and secure.
  • Know your customer. Onboarding is taken care of.
  • Track your earnings and request a payout any time. 

one-stop payment solution

Paying for services with cinvio is safe and incredibly easy. You don't need to hand out credit cards to your teams, you just have to add them as a user of your digital wallet and away they go!

  • Easy: pay for all services with one single wallet.
  • Efficient: pay instantly so you can get going without interruptions.
  • Simple: receive only one invoice per month from each service provider.

so how do you get started?

Ready to create your company's digital wallet? We don't ask for much, really. Here's how in just 4 small steps...


Create an account. Just 3 small screens with some data to fill in (the most complex one is your company's VAT nr.) 

And then...

Create users so other colleagues can pay with your wallet too.


Pair with the service providers you want to make payments for. With this, you authorise each service provider to connect with your wallet.

And finally...

Top up your wallet (transfer money) so the funds are readily available for when your teams need them.

let's grab a coffee!

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e-commerce excellence for B2B logistics

cinvio is a payment platform and digital wallet solution for the logistics industry that aims at boosting B2B ecommerce while simplifying and facilitating trade between all stakeholders.

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