Not all companies are the same, not all services are as popular, and your customers are each unique in their own way.
Pricing? No, there is no size that will fit for all, so we'd rather grab a coffee first! 

first we listen, then we talk

We like to get to grips with your business needs first,
and then we come to a mutual agreement.
A business deal we toast to with equally happy faces.

understand your business

In a series of workshops we listen to you and your teams and take a deep dive into your needs and ambitions. 

define services & price models

We help your define which services you want to monetise with cinvio, and at which price: one-off, recurrent or as a bundle.

negotiate the fees

Together, we look into the fees and come to an agreement that will make room for an attractive win for all. 

What's included?

safe and sound payments

cinvio safeguards the platform's performance and guarantees payments are safe and the process is flawless. 


We offer a huge range of payment options for user to top up their wallet, as well as numerous possibilities to set prices.

the support you need

For you and your customers. We are happy to answer your questions, guide your customers and take note of any suggestions you may have.

monthly intelligence

Every month, we send you a report of the key data gathered on cinvio related to your services and customers. Based on that data, we think along and help you come up with new, revenue-generating ideas. 

let's grab a coffee!

Here we are... cinvio

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digital sales flows innovating logistics

cinvio provides the tools you need to fully digitise sales flows while simplifying and facilitating trade with your customers.

All this boosted by a settlement and invoicing solution that makes these flows smooth, easy and simply possible

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