invoicing & accounting

automate your invoicing process and forget about accounting.

If you thought that cinvio was just another payment platform, think again. cinvio opens a new world of financial easiness, simplicity and peace of mind:

Are you processing piles of invoices with low values? Do you know exactly who all companies using your services are? Are you chasing them and spending precious time in reconciliation disputes? 

Welcome to invoicing heaven

New revenues, no hassle. cinvio takes care of the invoicing process of these new revenues for you on your behalf: 

  • issued and sent through via the platform.
  • already paid for, so forget the chasing.
  • pushed back and booked into your accounting system, automatically.

Regular payouts, transparent reporting

On a monthly basis, the earnings in your digital wallet are paid out to your company's bank account. Payouts can take place on an on-demand basis too - you choose. 

Consult the history of transactions (earnings or spendings) on the platform and download a full csv report at any time.

It's up to you how far you want to automate

let's show you around!

Let us guide you through the platform and explain what our digital wallet can do for you and your customers. 

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e-commerce excellence for B2B logistics

cinvio is a payment platform and digital wallet solution for the logistics industry that aims at boosting B2B ecommerce while simplifying and facilitating trade between all stakeholders.

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