By keeping things simple, we help create great purchasing experiences. The platform speaks your language and offers just what you and your customers need: purchase options, and settlement & invoicing peace of mind.


customer onboarding

Getting correct invoicing information from the companies requesting your services is not always a walk in the park, let alone getting them to pay in a timely manner. cinvio takes care of onboarding your customer onto the platform and helps them connect to yours.


safe and simple top-ups

With an incredibly user-friendly interface and a secure payment process, your customers can transfer money to their account in just a few simple steps and using their preferred method: online, mobile, credit card or wire transfer. 

clear transactional overviews

The platform provides an overview of your customers transactions, so you know who has settled which services, at all times. Not only that, you also have a clear view on your earnings and pay-outs.

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digital sales flows innovating logistics

cinvio provides the tools you need to fully digitise sales flows while simplifying and facilitating trade with your customers.

All this boosted by a settlement and invoicing solution that makes these flows smooth, easy and simply possible

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