By keeping things simple, we help create great purchasing experiences. The platform speaks your language and offers just what you and your customers need: payment and invoicing peace of mind.


customer onboarding

In B2B logistics you might not always know who is paying for your invoices. Finding this out, getting the correct invoicing information, and then maybe even chasing the payment, is not your favourite passtime. cinvio's automated onboarding functionality takes the KYC burden off your shoulders. 


safe and simple top-ups

With an incredibly user-friendly interface and a secure payment process, your customers can transfer money to their digital wallet in just a few simple steps and using their preferred method: online, mobile, credit card or wire transfer. 

price modelling

cinvio makes monetising new or existing business possible, no matter which price model you wish to apply to them. The subscription and bundle configurators will allow you to be creative and set up product packages and prices at your own pace. 

Use subscriptions for customers who return for the same service on a regular basis. Or use the bundle configurator to offer a set of different services for a interesting price. You set up the pricing and we'll make it work. 

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e-commerce excellence for B2B logistics

cinvio is a payment platform and digital wallet solution for the logistics industry that aims at boosting B2B ecommerce while simplifying and facilitating trade between all stakeholders.

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