smooth, easy and simply possible

cinvio offers payment and invoicing solutions that allows you to sell online no matter how small your company is or how far you are in your digitalisation plans. Your customers enjoy hassle-free purchases with one single account for all service providers on board.

upfront, guaranteed

If you just want to get started with something simple, create an account, define your service, and let your customers know about it! Not only your customers, but the entire cinvio community will be able to purchase your service using their cinvio account.

  • Out-of-the-box functionality from cinvio’s app store
  • Fully built-in settlement and invoicing features
  • Clear, simple and fixed business model

instant and efficient

If you have a platform or application and are missing a settlement and invoicing component, choose to connect with cinvio for a 100% digital flow and automated invoicing processes.

  • Easy API integration
  • Range of different business models (one-off, recurring, packaged)
  • Clear, simple and fixed business model

fully branded

If you want to give your customers a fully branded sales experience, go for cinvio’s out-of-the-box, white-labelled digital wallet solution integrated with your own platform or applications.

  • Can be fully integrated with major Payment Service Providers
  • Fully compliant with relevant regulation
  • Tailormade financial (SaaS) model

for operational efficiency

Your customers will be part of the cinvio community, enjoying effortless purchases of all services with one company account. Payments are instant and invoicing is done for you. So you just focus on carrying the service out and step up in operational efficiency.  

  • 100% digital: accurate and secure.
  • One company account for all purchasing teams.
  • Monthly invoices, fully automated.

A one-stop-shop solution

Paying for services with a cinvio account is safe and incredibly easy. Your customers won't need a pile of credit cards for their teams to use. Team members are added as users to have access to the customer’s company account and away they go!

  • One single account for all payments.
  • Instantly settled for seamless sales flows.
  • Only one invoice per month for all transactions made.


Create an account. Just 3 small screens with some data to fill in (the most complex one is your company's VAT nr.) 

And then...

Create users so other colleagues can pay with your company's account too.


Pair with the service providers you want to purchases services from. With this, you authorise each service provider to connect with your account.

And finally...

Top up your account (transfer money) so the funds are readily available for when your teams need them.

How do your customers get started?

Ready to create a company account? We don't ask for much, really. Here's how in just 4 small steps...

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digital sales flows innovating logistics

cinvio provides the tools you need to fully digitise sales flows while simplifying and facilitating trade with your customers.

All this boosted by a settlement and invoicing solution that makes these flows smooth, easy and simply possible

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